“Smashing deadlines at half the cost”


IndyForce Selective Demolition your partner of choice with over 20 years of experience in the Construction and SoftDemolition business ready to assist you with your Project in the Indianapolis and surrounding area.

Soft Demolition

The IndyForce crew will soft demolish parts of the construction site that need to be cleared out as part of the project

Labor Contracting

Sourcing labor for specific project tasks

Debris Hauling Cleaning

Our workforce will assist with the task of cleaning and hauling all leftovers and debris from the construction site following all project guidelines and procedures

Interior StripOuts

InfyForce will strip out areas that you want to get ready for your project

Our mission

With our mission of customer satisfaction and our motto of Smashing deadlines at half the cost, the IndyForce Selective Demolition team will become part of your construction project crew  taking over soft demolition, labor contracting, debris hauling, interior stripping tasks helping you deliver your project on time and under budget.   

IndyForce is the leader of soft demolition in the Indianapolis, Metro area and have been in the construction business for over 20 years.  Contact Us Today!

Our Services

IndyForce has been subcontracting and partnering with customers for over 20 years and  providing selective demolition services that include and are not limited to the following:

  • Soft Demolition,
  • Debris Hauling and Cleaning,
  • Grading, Interior Strip-Out,
  • Hand Wrecking,
  • Site Clearing, End Dump and Roll Off Service,
  • Rough and Finish Grading,
  • Demolition Labor Subcontracting,
  • Excavation and Subcontracting,
  • Construction Tasks
  • You tell us and we make it happen!

Our Business Partners

IndyForce - Selective Demolition Services partners with direct customers or contractors to assist with the full or partial activities of your project.

Our experienced demolition crew and experienced project managers deliver quality results, under budget and meeting under tight deadlines. 

About IndyForce

IndyForce Selective Demolition

IndyForce - Selective Demolition


IndyForce has been in business for over 20 years and serving in multiple projects in the Indianapolis and surrounding area to our many customers and partners.


IndyForce - Selective Demolition

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Indianapolis, IN, 46220

Our Phone +1 317-966-4140

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